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  Calculate total employee cost/hour :            
  Average Hourly Wage for Admin-File Clerk :          
  Employee Benefits/Payroll Burden (%) :          
  Total Cost per Hour :          
  Calculate monthly cost to file documents :            
  Number of pages added each day :    
  Time required to file each document (in minutes) :          
  Average Number of Pages/ Paper File Folder :          
  Total Minutes/month :          
  Total Monthly Labor Costs to file documents          
  Calculate monthly cost of storing existing files:            
  Number of Four-Drawer filing cabinets :          
  Square Foot space required for each Filing Cabinet :   8        
  Annual Office Space leased per Square Foot :          
  Monthly On Site Storage Costs :          
  Yearly cost to store a file storage box off-site :          
  Number of file storage boxes in off-site storage :          
  Monthly Off Site Storage Cost :          
  Total Storage Costs :          
  Calculate monthly cost to retrieve documents:            
  Number of employees retrieving documents :          
  Average number of document retrieved by each person, per day :          
  Average time to retrieve each document in minutes :          
  Total Dollar Cost :          
  Calculate monthly cost to find miss-filed /miss-labeled documents:            
  Average number of misfiled documents per month :          
  Average time to find a miss-filed document (in minutes) :          
  Total Time (minutes) Spent :        
  Total Dollar Cost :          
  Calculate paper supply costs for paper filing system            
  Average number of new files created per day :        
  Cost of hanging and manila folders, labels and banker boxes :          
  Total Monthly Dollar Cost :          
  Estimated - Total Paper File System Costs (Monthly) :          
  Annualized Costs :          
  Using the figures from above we can extrapolate the following :            
  Scanning fees with Scan2Us            
  Number of Pages Scanned Monthly :          
  Total Monthly Scan2Us Cost :          
  Cumulative Annual Storage Costs ;   Scan2Us Costs Savings      
  Year One :        
  Year Two :        
  Year Three :        
  Year Four :        
  Year Five :        
  Production Estimates and Costs for Scanning Operation :            
  Scanner Operator Cost /Hr :          
  Pages Scanned/Month :          
  Scanning Labor Cost Per Page :          
  Annual Cost of Scanner Operator :