Scanning Cost Comparison

(Off-site vs On-site)

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  Off-Site Service Bureau   Scan2Us On-Site
Customer Input      
Average # of stored boxes to scan :    
Average # of file drawers to Scan :    
Average # of file folders per storage box :    
Average # of file folders per drawer :    
Average # of pages per file folder :    
Total Pages    
Average Hourly Wage for Admin-File Clerk :    
Employee Benefits/Payroll Burden (%) :    
Total Cost per Hour :    
Project Costs      
Cost to Create/Label on-line File Folder/Document : $0.30  
Number of File Folders and Documents :    
Cost to Create File Folders and Documents :  
Total Pages :    
Total Days to Scan History :    
Cost to Scan each page : $0.15  
Scanning Cost :  
Project Cost :  
Shipping per Case (One-Way $25/cs) :    
Shredding $6/case (Certified) :    
Total Costs